DTOM for those oblivious to the liberty movement stands for Don’t Tread on Me which was a rallying call for those fighting in the only true war for American Freedom. It has once again become popular with today’s liberty movement and is common to see Gadsden and Cullpeper Milita flags at many liberty events.

Although we are all hypocrits to some extent I really make a conscientous attempt to keep mine at a bare minimum. I have no problem pointing it out in others and hopefully my readers will feel free to point out instances where they see me being hypocritical in my posts.

We all have different things we use as what I would call our baromteter in life. Some people use religion, for some their barometer is money and/or financial success. My barometer happens to be liberty and freedom.

I try to live realizing it does not matter about my personal “feelings” on an issue. In the end I ask myself if my own prejiduce or feelings are turning me into a hypocrite when it comes to liberty and freedom.

This hasn’t been my barometer my whole life. But over the last 15-20 yrs and doing lots of my own self study of events, reading many documents such as the Federalist papers and Anti Federal Papers to name just two, I have developed a sense of what true freedom actually is. Knowing that and knowing my rights as a human being to those inalienable rights I decided to enter the fight.

One of the ways I chose is this blog. I hope if you love freedom, true freedom, then you’ll enjoy what you read and maybe be inspired to start your own blog in the cause of liberty. There can never be too many of us as far as I’m concerned.

If you are a statist or believe in controlling your fellow human beings or citizens to meet your own beliefs then I hope this blog makes you uncomfortable as hell. There should be no doubt if you are in the statist camp you and I are enemies and it is my intention to defeat you.


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