As I watched some of the coverage of the released information that Plant Smith is closing its coal plants in April 2016, I wondered how some of those people that believe their air is going to be a lot cleaner, just how committed they are to cleaner air. Perhaps it’s time to really find out how committed the general public in the panhandle is.
As a Libertarian I am against more government but in the interest of those who really want clean air in the Panhandle, I think the state should implement the same Vehicle Exhaust Emmissions testing program that exist in Tampa and larger metropolitan counties in Florida.
For those unaware of this program, you pay a fee and go to a government testing station where your vehicle is inspected to make sure you haven’t modified the factory installed pollution. The vehicle is then hooked up to a computer that runs an analysis and test of the vehicle’s emmissions. If it passes, you’re good til next year. If it doesn’t you have so many days to get the vehicle repaired so it does pass and failure to do so get’s your registration pulled. You also cannot sell a vehicle that will not pass the test.
I’m sure many of you have been driving down Highway 231 or Highway 77 and been behind a vehicle that was spewing smoke and pollution. If you really care about air quality you should be in favor of getting these vehicles off the road.
Surely all those that are quick to blame others for their pollution footprint shouldn’t mind their own footprint being checked and corrected if it was out of line. That way we all have skin in the game for our air quality.

Future Posts

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As I stated in several posts I have been spending most of my writing time devoted to writing fiction. I will continue to keep the blog open and post from time to time but not regularly. If you have enjoyed reading any posts on various subjects you may want to subscribe so you can get updates when there is a new post. I have a longer term project I plan to post about next. While the gun in vehicle topic was mostly only read by employees of GP, my next project should be of interest to people in general that live in the panhandle area. Stay tuned.

We’re Finally Here

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This was the final written document from GP to the AG office concerning employees with guns in their vehicles. I originally had some really pithy responses to some of the statements in this final document. But then I thought it would be better to not comment at all and rather let those of you that read it comment on it. Who knows maybe some of you will even agree with the company’s position.








I will only make this one comment. If you ask GP for written proof that have an exemption from 790.251 they cannot produce it for the simple fact they do not have one.

As noted before all the documents concerning this matter are in this blog. All these documents are public records and can be obtained by writing to the Attorney General’s Office of Florida.


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