It began here

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It all began here. More documents to come. I would like to remind everyone these documents are public record obtained from the Attorney General’s office. Anyone can request them.


Well It’s Been Awhile

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It’s been several months since my last post. I have to admit, the blog posts have taken second fiddle to my fiction writing. I completed a novel late last year and am actually on my third edit or draft.

During this time however, I still kept up with current events and what’s happening that’s important in the world to liberty. I just haven’t written about it.

One thing that has changed, is my conversion to Deism from Christianity. Those that know me personally, those that I actually talk to, know I have always had issues with lots of things written in the bible, both the old and new testament.

I read The Age Of Reason by Thomas Paine. I actually read it twice and then began to do more research on Deism. The more I read, the more it became clear to me that I have been a Deist for some time, I just didn’t know it

Now, I rarely talk about religion in this blog. Except ocassionally to point out the hypocrisy of those who call themselves religious, but then support many things that are not conducive to the teachings of their religion.

If you have questions about Deism, please feel free to ask. I don’t have all the answers as I am still studying and learning more about it everyday.

However if you are asking questions under the guise to try and convert me back to a revealed religion, I will tell you, you are wasting your time, it isn’t happening.

I’ve also had a few emails asking about the Guns at Work Issue and if there has been any progress. The answer to that question is sadly No. In the end this was not something I could change on my own and it apparently is not important to my co-workers who either don’t care or are just too scared to speak out and make a stand. I don’t have that much time left to work so as far as pursuing it hard, my feelings are now, that if people don’t give a damn about their rights then I’ll just watch them consistently lose more and more. I will continue with my personal protest that has been ongoing for the last few years.

The only other thing I do plan on doing, is putting all the documents between GP and the Attorney General I received from the Attorney General, here on the blog for everyone to read. For some it may open your eyes on how corporate people do business. I may make a few comments here and there about specific documents but some will just be posted with no comments. Oh and by the way, all these documents are public record so if someone believes they’ve got me for posting them, you can forget that avenue. Since other companies in the family haved changed and followed the respective laws in their states GP will soon find itself isolated when it comes to this issue. Some of their statements in those documents may indeed lead to a type of self admission that more regulations are needed. But we’ll discuss that when we get to the specific documents.

I also plan to do a little political endorsing of Libertarian candidates running for office as election time nears. We have some candidates for state representative, Attorney General and Governor.

After all that is complete, this blog will continue, but I plan to only post two or three times a month. I intend to post more on my other blog which has to do with fiction writing.

The Power Of State’s Rights

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The Federal Department of Justice signed a memo Thursday saying they would not prosecute Marijuana laws in states where Marijuana was legal. This obviously stems from states like Washington and Colorado telling the federal tyrant to go have sexual intercourse with itself.

The result is that the Tyrant knows it has no legal leg to stand on. So now it tries to appear benevolent.

What you as an American can take from this is that many other federal laws do not have any bearing if a state decides to legalize something the federal government has made illegal.

We’ve been lied to for so long about this and of course the public schools being nothing more than a way to indoctrinate people from a young age that the feds are all powerful, we felt like there was no way to challenge this overbearing Tyrant.

We now know the truth and we should be challenging any questionable federal code. This places more importance on your local state legislators. We need to elect representatives that are not federal patsies. I urge you to look at Libertarian candidates running in your districts. Libertarians have been standing up to this tyrannical federal government for years and years. They are best suited to put the federales in their proper place.

There is a chance to make a big change here, lets not squander it by being co-opted by the candidates the federal government chooses for you.

The past several weeks we have  had many revelations about our  privacy in the news. Since this blog began I have been railing about how the government has become fascist in nature and this is just another example. When a large US company and its executives begin talking about private public partnerships you had better be very suspicious. Oh they’ll mask it with some type of positive effect to cover up the other parts of it.

There have been stories about Internet providers turning over their customer’s data, google turning over data that your IP address has gone to on the web or searched for on the web. They have given access to  your  tweets, to your private photos on facebook and on and on. They have your emails, your telephone calls etc. and they have them stored. That’s right, they store them.

Now I’m sure the crowd that believes if you’re not doing anything wrong you needn’t worry about all this is shaking their heads and saying the government is making us safer. That’s the myth they want you to believe.

But you should be aware that should you challenge, say, a connected corporation or an ally of this fascist government, they could possibly silence you by using your own data against you. It’s not hard for the government to make you into something you’re not. It happens all the time if you open your eyes.

Edward Snowden was one of them. So were the other NSA whistleblowers before him. But once they blew the whistle on their bosses and pointed out they were breaking the law, well they are deviates, they are traitors, they have mental problems. It’s not hard to figure out that the first step in dealing with someone who is willing to step forward is to discredit them and their character.

And that leads us to smart meters. What do smart meters do for us, the general public? Absolutely nothing! What do they do for the utilities? They give them access and information they can sell and/ or give to the government about you and I. They were sold to the public as this bullshit smart grid that would somehow offer more security. Like most government programs the opposite is true. The analog meter that was on your house before was much more reliable. The electronics of the smart meter make it less likely to work with things like EMPs, solar flares etc. Once more the smart meters are basically a mini WIFI port and so, are able to be hacked. Check youtube or do some searches about hacking smart meters.

Who paid for those smart meters? You and I did through our taxes. Grants from the federal government were used to purchase them and give them to the utilities to install. This was done at a time when so called stimulus money was being spent and people were so hungry for jobs they didn’t question anything.

One need only look at CEOs of the various utilities to see they are also intimately connected to the government and heavily into politics.  Look at the government subsidies many of these power companies receive. They get grants for various projects under the guise of cleaning the air. They get guaranteed loans to build new plants that normal investment experts would not touch as too risky because of cost overruns etc.

And what can the government do with this information? Well they can track when you are in your home, what time you leave, what time you go to sleep. What type of appliances you buy. When you use them. They can turn your electricity off remotely without having to set foot on your property to do so. With all this extra information the government can build a profile that may raise your taxes based on what devices you use.

For instance and of course this is just hypothetical, for now that is, suppose the internet explodes with anti government fervour even more so than now. With enough complicit politicians a new tax could be used to not only make you pay a fee from your internet provider but electricity to power any device in your home that you use to connect to the internet. It’s a back-door method to stop you from being an activist against them. It essentially becomes a way to control your behavior. Behavior that is acceptable for a slave.

Or perhaps you own a business the government does not like, or even more likely a business that some large corporation does not like because your business threatens their profits by offering people another choice. The two can collude to pass some type of tax or fee based on your electrical activity that will eat into your business expenses perhaps even making it impossible for you to compete and thus run you out of business.

I know, you’re thinking ole DTOM is crazy right? Well I admit as a writer of fiction I do have a vivid imagination. But those of us that are awake and there are more every day, understand how sinister our government and its corporate partners have become. By actually reading and researching the news rather than just swallowing what the corporate media feeds you without even a question, it’s not hard to understand fully the implications of having one of these meters on the sides of our homes and our businesses.

So what can we do about it? As customers of the utilities we can demand our old meters back.

If you choose to do this, be prepared for your eyes to get opened as the system balks at you having a meter they cannot connect to. They’ll fight you in various ways. First they’ll ignore you. I might note that I wrote an email to the power company about having my smart meter removed and got no answer. I also wrote to the PSC of Florida and got no response. Perhaps it’s time we all got a little louder on this subject.

I’m sure eventually if  enough people make their point the companies will then try to dissuade their customers by telling them they’ll have to charge you more because of costs etc. And of course the government will make this possible for them as they are partners in this little spy operation which has potential to be very serious in the future.

Want your eyes opened? Write a letter to the power company and tell them you want your smart meter removed and exchanged for the analog meter they replaced.

Read carefully their answer, if they even bother to give you one.

If you live somewhere where your utility is regulated by the government and you get no satisfaction from the power company, then go to the PSC or similar department and register a complaint.  I doubt you’ll have success here unless large numbers of people join you and even then I have my doubts. Tyrants do not give up power willingly and make no mistake, information about you is not only powerful but lucrative to the ones that have the information to sell or give to someone who can use it.

The best way to stop this on a large scale and not just the smart meters is to fire your congressional representative. Republican or democrat it doesn’t matter. Entice a libertarian or independent that places liberty and natural rights above all else to run for office and challenge the two collaborators who are running. Much of this that is being directed against the people could not be done if it wasn’t financed by us through those that we supposedly sent to represent us. If it’s not funded it just won’t happen. We need to put both parties on notice that we see them for what they really are and have become and we no longer will believe or fall for their spin. If we do that we can change the whole country for the better and get back to being free and living in a free country rather than a totalitarian police state which we are accelerating towards right now.

Will you finally join the rest of us and speak out and get active? Or will you be content to watch your favorite TV shows or sporting event as you gorge yourself with food and snacks that slowly turn you into a medical slave and eventually kills you. There comes a point where your decision to change and join the rest of us will no longer matter. Once you are fully enslaved and those that spoke out and resisted are gone, you will have no choice but to keep submitting. Any resistance then will be inconsequential to the machine as one fly is in a horse barn. Or to put it in terms you TV heads can understand, I quote the Borg, “Resistance is futile, you will assimilate”

Here’s a guy that did what heroes do, he risked it all. He could have kept his cushy 200,000 dollar a year government job and just kept his mouth shut.  That’s what the tyrants and fascists in government and industry expect all of us to do.

Instead Snowden tossed it all away put a big target on his own self to be the next person that committed suicide by hanging or maybe shot six or seven times by the FBI for self defense even though he has no weapon.

My hat is off to you Mr. Snowden, you are a true American patriot and hero. It’s your detractors in our government that are the real traitors and someday I’ll be happy to watch many of them hanging from a noose.

We heard all through the campaign that the Muslims hate us because we are free.. That’s Bullshit

They hate us because we are rich. ..That’s bullshit

They hate us because we are Christian..That’s bullshit too

That hate us because people like John McCain and Lindsey Graham aka Sugarboy run the US foreign policy and they have our country aligned( that means supporting for you terminally stupid folks) with people that do crap like this.–abc-news-topstories.html

This is where your tax dollars are going. This is what people are doing “in your name”

And that Mr. and Mrs Dumb-ass American citizen is why they hate us. Next time your 15 or 16 yo gets a little mouthy just remember if these guys who your money supports were around you’d be burying your kid right now after he/she was tortured and then killed.

If you won’t get off your ass and try to put a stop to this well then you reap what you sow, don’t expect sympathy from this blogger.

One important question has not been addressed in the case of the arrest of Sheriff Nick Finch of Liberty County Florida and that question is who reported him or made an initial complaint against him.

Was it the arresting officer a Sgt James Joseph Hoagland? And if it was this deputy perhaps he’d like to share his reasoning. After all the man who was arrested was only charged with having a concealed weapon. He wasn’t committing any other crime. So does this deputy have an axe to grind or is he just a full fledged jack booted thug that doesn’t give a damn about the oath he took and is nothing more than a gestapo type cop hoping to earn his chops in a police state?

Or maybe he has ambitions of being sheriff himself but in order to achieve them he needs to take down a popular sheriff.

If we had a real press, this is the kind of information they should be trying to report on.

Or is it someone else in the jail or department with an ax to grind. Sheriff Finch has a right to know his accuser and so do the rest of us because it does have a bearing on this case.

To the press in the panhandle, do your job and ask the right questions or you will soon become useless like many other news sources and we’ll just have the bloggers doing the news. For sure it would be more objective.